The impact of The No Child Left Behind (NCLB)Act on primary school education In the State of Maryland

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Writing Assignment #2
The Critical Annotated Bibliography
Writing Assignment #2 will be a critical annotated bibliography of 12 sources.
In this assignment you will write a list of at least 12 references in alphabetical order in APA

format. In addition,
each reference will be followed by a short analytical summary of 150-200 words.
At the end of the short summary, you will include a sentence or two that critically analyzes the

source and that
mentions distinctive features about the article and why it may or may not be useful for you in

writing a literature
review.keep in mind that it should be a topic on which a number of studies or
scholarly articles have been published. You will conduct all or most of your research using UMUC’s
OneSearch function in finding scholarly articles.