The important of positioning strategy in global marketing

1. Critically discuss the advantages of Joint Ventures as entry strategies by foreign companies.
That means you’re thinking about of foreign companies in a cost market in a market which costing the foreign brand and you are assay joint venture as possible way for which companies can making roles into consumer accessibility of value chain of distribution and making into making to profitability and market share use relevant industry to example and analysis
How company utilize strategies to creates means in part of the assessment you have to spend towards focusing on the cost market introducing accompany you introduce a market and theories of analysis as halve of the course work you need to make recommendation you need to analysis what is the international competitive advantage, so Apple is doing well in market A the strategies how this faire into market. One of the measure for your international competition is the role of technology because different digital interface may company in UK will have small affect may be in Europe or US or Asia or Africa
2. Using relevant industry-based example/s of your choice, analyse how companies use joint venture strategies to create international competitiveness.
explain or analysis. You will have the analysis your assessment criteria’s going to be structure knowledge and understanding and then Application Analysis and Analysis and bring samples, This CW your writing should be clear. Thinks about it reflective it This not a literature reviews you are not going to raise theory it’s more practical is qualified industry thinking open mind and raise all aspects of the assessment and challenges at this level

using good theory texture element visual element, company as well, industry report key positioning you’ll need to be able to link industrially data with the theory data because with the global marketing when you applied
Give very good theoretical work with examples some local markets. Industry market. Industry data. What could be the possible challenge and give the evidences and quality and more and more references