The influence of cyber-feminism in MENA

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Judith Butler argues that a feminist politics must recognise that dominant political discourses exert
power over women by suggesting that, as subjects, they have an innate and unchanging identity that
they will inevitably express through performing gender. Butler is clear that subjects are constituted
entirely by the discourses mediating their existence.
A clearer understanding of this central tenet of GP is vital for a feminist understanding of how
individual women, and the feminist political movement, may use their agency as subjects to alter their
own performances, and to diversify discourses available to other subjects in the performance of
Gender performativity understanding is the way to alter gender norms in a society.
Butler is clear that GP allows subjects to perform gender differently and through this, they can bring
about change in line with their chosen political agenda.

And kindly would you integrate the theory as much as possible.