The International Money & Finance Assighnment

The International Money & Finance Assighnment

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Students will grow in their knowledge and understanding of the subject
material as we progress through this module. To this end students are
expected to reflect on each week’s learning and apply it to their chosen
company using a personal journal function in Nile. Journal entries must
be kept on NILE under Submit Your Work which will be accessed as
part of ES1 essay. Please attach your individual journal to the back
of your individual essay as part of your submission. Students will be
penalized if there is no regular thoughtful journals kept on NILE site
(maximum of a reduction of 10% of your overall mark).
In writing the essay students would be expected to refer to company group
reports and accounts, analysts’ and company reports from trade and other
journal articles, relevant theory and methodology where it applies.
Guidance and support will be provided during lectures and seminars.
You must choose one of the companies from the list below:
? Go-Ahead Group plc
? Laird PLC
? Brewin Dolphin Holdings plc
? Spirent communications Plc
Key element for individual essay: Critically analyze the company
with specific reference to model theories and techniques explored
in the module.
The essay should include the following information about the company (Max.
2,500 words):
1. Descriptive including size, turnover, industry,
market share, market report, sourcing of raw
materials and other relevant information. 1000 words 2. Important financial trends for this company over 5
3. Corporate and financial actions related to the
international nature of the company including
major developments over recent years. Comment
on key areas of strength or weakness with
reference to degree of competition, geographical
location, financing and implications. ACC3007-JAN-1314 19
4. In particular you are expected to analyse and
discuss how the company manages any
? Exchange rate risk and
? Country and political risk
1500 words
Individual essay will be assessed based on the following areas:
Achievement of the Assessment Brief (To what extent does the
work address the task set?)
? Independent thinking and critical reflection
? Overall achievement of learning outcomes
Content and Analysis
? A good understanding of the theories and arguments relevant to
the essay
? A logical linkage to related literatures and critically evaluating
alternative theories and/or empirical evidence
? Use of appropriate models, concepts and theories in empirical
? Appropriate use of diagrams and illustrations
? Originality of the study
Structure and presentation
? A clear and coherent structure of the essay
? The quality of language, e.g., punctuality, spelling and grammar,
and using an appropriate academic standard
Referencing and Accuracy
? Use of the Harvard reference system properly in the main text and
High marks will only be awarded to those individuals that:
? Demonstrate a high level of understanding of the issues and theories
in the area of study
? Present logical progression of arguments and offer supporting
evidence to back the arguments
? Provide evidence of critical appraisal and coherency of paper
? Refer to previous studies where appropriate
? Carefully reference according to the Harvard reference system


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