The issue of torture and human rights



Read the following two articles regarding the issue of torture and human rights? Answer the questions below
regarding what you have read-
Article 1: “Is Torture Ever Justified printed in The Economist- httpzllwww-economist-conVnode19832909
Article 2: “At Guantanamo, Dying is not Permitted” by Adam Zagorin from Time Magazine- httpzllcontent-time-cothime/nationlarticle
a) What is the perspective of the author in the first article on the issue of torture?
b) Do you think torture everjustified? When?
c) What might people who disagree with your perspective argue?
d) At what point does punishment become torture?
e) From Article 2: Why do you think that prisoners are refusing to eat?
f) Do foreign prisoners at Guantanamo have the right to take their own life (via starvation) if they are of no further value as informants?
g) Do American citizens have the legal right to take their own life?
2- [Worth 10 Points] After watching the short film Frontline: Are We Safer, answer the following questions- The video can be seen at the following link:
a) What do you think this film was trying to convey to the viewer?
b) According to the film, in what ways is the government spying on citizens without a search warrant?
c) Ben Franklin once quipped “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” What do you
think of this statement as it relates to government surveillance?
d) At what point would you think Government observation of citizens becomes excessive?
e) How do we balance the need to fight terrorism with our constitutional protections and rights?