The Jihad’s Terror Organization

Prompt: This outline will help you build the response section of the SARA report. In this section, you will review a strategy currently being used to respond to the threats presented by the terrorist organization. and propose changes or enhancements to the strategy for your regional fusion center.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
Strategy • State the short- and long-term goals of a current counterterrorism strategy used in the United States for addressing your selected terrorist organization • List the strengths and weaknesses of the counterterrorism strategy in mitigating the organization’s actions based on what you have learned about the terrorist organization’s methods and motivation • Indicate how effective the current counterterrorism strategy has been in addressing and mitigating the threats posed by the terrorist organization
Recommendations • List changes or enhancements to the current counterterrorism strategy that might address the weaknesses you identified • Identify how these changes will enhance regional protection from the terrorist organization. • State the potential global impact of these changes • List what your regional fusion center will need, in terms of tools, resources, and training, to implement these changes • Identify specific ways in which your fusion center could use the media to supp