The leading expert on correctional policy in the United States.

Imagine that you are the leading expert on correctional policy in the United States. You have been asked by Congress to provide a brief, but comprehensive, summary of the single most significant problem the American correctional system is currently experiencing and a potential solution to the problem. The solution must be ethical, legal, practical, and backed by research; it also should be something that Congress can pass legislation to implement. Your identified problem and proposed solution must be documented by research evidence and must include relevant citations.

  1. Provide a detailed summary of the most significant problem our correctional system is currently facing *Questions to help guide your summary (not all must be answered): What is it? Why is it important? What is the history? What is the prevalence? What are the political, social, and ethical issues associated with it? 2. Provide your opinion of the best solution to the problem (you may use first person) *Questions to help guide your argument (not all must be answered): What is your opinion? Why do you feel the way you do? Is the topic being handled appropriately by the government, schools, society, etc.? What can and should be done differently? What does research say about the potential success of the solution?