The lovely bone by Alice Sebold.

The lovely bone by Alice Sebold.
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The lovely bones.


Answer separately in 150 + words.

1. Write down a passage that reflects a major theme of the novel. Explain how this quote shows the theme and why it appeals to you? Does it make more of an impact on your understanding of the book or does it make more of a personal impact? What significance does the passage have in the book?

2. Is there a message or main theme you see emerging? What is it and how is it shown? Are there any other books you have read or movies you have seen that also have this same theme? Explain.

3. Choose a character who is starting to change and explain how the change is being made and what purpose it serves. How do these changes reflect a theme in the novel. Are the changes the character is making, plausible or realistic (could/would actually happen in real life)? Why/Why not?

4. Write your opinion of a character’s action or reaction to a situation in the book. Do you think it was the appropriate course of action and would you have done the same? Why/Why not?

Essential Elements
The answer to each question must:

be at least 150 words in length [TOTAL 600+ words for the Post], and
include at least ONE quote (with the page number) that is related to the question you’ve chosen.