The lyrics of the ghazals

  • Analyze the lyrics of the ghazals in the film. How do they exemplify specific aspects and themes of this genre?
    ~ expressing the beauty of love in painful way.
    ~intoxicant love- beauty of this eye
    ~Love for Allah, is one sided, belonging for the ultimate
    ~ look at the class notes for this question
  • Dwyer (118) understands Umrao to be attractive because the is “the opposite of the wife.” Yet, she desperately wants to get married. Explain how the movie addresses this tension.
    ~umrao says, the highest compliment is not to compliment. Getting dressed up, saying poetry, spending time with drunk man, playing instruments. She is opposite of wife but she wants to get marry.
    ~opposite to wife? But still wants to get married
    ~ for tension part, she meets her old friends
  • What does Dwyer mean when she suggests this film is a work of nostalgia. Do you agree?