The Meaning of Beauty and Love

The Meaning of Beauty and Love

The post is a combination of two asighnments

1 The Meaning of Beauty and Love

2 Tolerance and Equality

The Meaning of Beauty and Love

The Light and Meaning of Beauty Love The Joys of life Happiness What it means to be Thankful, The individual (self-reliance) Appreciation. Death
Include an Introductory paragraph that introduces what your paper will be about. Make clear whether you are choosing the Light Side. Start off with an anecdote (A
story), that will draw your reader into what you will be talking about.

Asighnment 2

Tolerance and Equality

Order Description

Read this scenario and answer the questions:
Ardmore Prison and Warden Duffy
Ardmore Prison, located in Centerville, Illinois, is a small maximum-security prison that holds 450 inmates. The warden is George Duffy, who has been on the job for
four years. The governor appointed Duffy. He runs his prison with an iron hand and has a zero-tolerance policy about rule infractions. Any inmate violating rules gets
solitary confinement for two months. The relationship between correctional officers and inmates is strained because of this policy. Duffy says that any correctional
officer who lets an inmate get away with anything will be in trouble. A snitch system is used to identify officers who fail to report inmate rule violations.
Correctional officers who see other correctional officers being lenient with inmates report such incidents. Duffy then confronts these officers and chews them out for
their poor discipline. Inmates generally have a hostile attitude toward the correctional staff and like to pull pranks on them. One day in the cafeteria during lunch,
a correctional officer was walking down a row of tables where inmates were eating soup and sandwiches. An inmate threw a piece of bread covered in mayonnaise at the
officer’s back, which stained his shirt. Although the officer did not see who threw the bread, he reported the incident to the captain in charge immediately. The
captain then ordered all the inmates to leave the cafeteria, whether they had finished their lunch or not. All inmates did as they were told. Later that evening, four
inmates were pulled at random from different cells and placed in solitary confinement. The warden announced over the intercom that four prisoners were going into
solitary confinement and would stay there until whoever threw the bread at the officer confessed. Duffy also announced that there would be no dinner that evening. This
situation was more than the inmates could stand. One inmate set his mattress on fire and threw it out of his cell into the cellblock. Several inmates followed suit,
setting fire to their mattresses and throwing them out of their cells, while other inmates threw debris out of their cells. The inmates then began banging various
objects on their cell doors, shouting, and making as much noise as they could. The noise was unsettling.
Duffy ordered several correctional officers to turn on the fire hoses, put out the fires, and hose the inmates causing the most trouble. The officers put out the
mattress fires and went from cell to cell and hosed down all the inmates with a steady stream of cold water. As punishment, the warden ordered a general lockdown to go
into effect immediately. Inmate yard privileges were suspended indefinitely. Inmates would be confined to their cells for 23 and a half hours a day and receive only
one half hour for recreation. They would be permitted to bathe only once a week. In addition, inmates who burned their mattresses would have to sleep on the floors of
their cells. The media found out about the riot and covered the story in the local newspapers and on television. In an interview, Warden Duffy referred to the riot as
a “minor incident” that “we now have under complete control.” Six months has passed and the prison is still under general lockdown. Inmate morale is at an all-time
low. No one ever confessed to the bread-throwing incident.
Think about the scenario and what stood out to you as the salient issues. Reread it once or twice as needed.

1. What are some of the ethical issues facing Ardmore prison and the way Warden Duffy runs it?

2. Also, what are some alternative ways Duffy could have managed the prison that may have minimized the occurrence of inmate rioting?

3. Start out by remembering your initial reaction to reading a correctional officer was hit with a bread slice by an inmate. If you were the correctional officer who
had been hit with the bread slice, would you have reported the incident to your supervisor?

4. On what grounds would you base your decision?

5. Given only the information provided, explain whether in your assessment the officer handled the situation properly. Given only the information provided, expand on
the appropriateness of assigning two months in solitary confinement for violating minor rules and whether the punishment ethically moral.