The media “Phase 4: Planned Change Process: Evaluation”

  1. Watch the media “Phase 4: Planned Change Process: Evaluation” and complete the interactive activities. As you watch the scenario, focus on the following concepts. You should be prepared to respond to these in your supervision meeting:
    a. Evaluate Jennifer’s selection and use of appropriate methods for evaluation of outcomes.
    b. How did Jennifer critically analyze, monitor, and evaluate intervention and program processes and outcomes?
    c. How can Jennifer apply evaluation findings (her supervisor’s feedback and Choon-hee’s client satisfaction questionnaire) to improve practice effectiveness at the micro level?
    d. Evaluate Jennifer’s actions to facilitate transitions and termination.
    e. Compare the best practices presented in the multimedia scenario with your field experience.
  2. Use the same field experience situation you selected in Workshop Two and continue creating your case study presentation. Use pseudonyms to protect clients’ privacy and confidentiality. Note: Please research and adhere to your agency’s confidentiality guidelines regarding sharing case studies.
    a. Create presentation slides on the evaluation phase of the planned change process, illustrating the case study from your field experience.
    i. There is no required number of slides; rather, use the appropriate number of slides to convey your ideas.
    b. In your presentation, address the following:
    i. What process did you use to monitor progress on your client’s goals and objectives?
    ii. What formal and/or information evaluation tools were used to measure outcomes?
    iii. To what degree were your client’s goals and objectives met?
    iv. How did you facilitate transitions and termination? (Note: Due to the nature of some agency settings, you may not have terminated if you are working in long-term settings/services. If you have not terminated the working relationship, what is your plan to facilitate the transition and termination, even if that will not happen until the end of your internship?)