The media play a vital role in influencing our understanding of crime and deviance.


Your task:  The media play a vital role in influencing our understanding of crime and deviance.  Written assignment # 2 requires you to use
the theoretical material from our course to analyze a newspaper or magazine article that discusses a crime story or event.  You will also
need to complete your own research in order to link your article’s topic to the relevant literature.  For your second written assignment you
need to find a newspaper or magazine article that discusses either a crime event (i.e. Robert Pickton case) or a broader issue that relates
to crime (i.e. police discretion). Your written Assignment needs to incorporate the following elements:An introduction/summary of your article – Your introduction should discuss the central themes of your assignment and also summarize the
article that you are analyzing.   Thesis Statement – Your thesis should clearly articulate what you are arguing in your assignment.  NOTE: your thesis will most likely relate
to the theories that you are using to analyze your article.Review/Discussion of the literature – what does the academic literature say about your article’s topic.  For example, if you are writing
about police discretion, what are major trends/debates in the literature? Review/Discussion of Theoretical material – what theories are best used to analyze your articles topic?  In this section you must discuss
TWO different perspectives (see the list below).  You can use our textbook as a reference but must also include at least one additional
source. PLEASE NOTE: Your review of the literature and theoretical material can be discussed together. Analysis/ Discussions/Policy Implications – based on the trends in the literature and the two theoretical perspectives that you have
discussed, what are the policy implications?  For example, if your article discusses street gangs, how might your two theories help
formulate a meaningful solution to the problem?  What community actors should be involved?    Potential Bias in your article – in your opinion is the author(s) of your article offering any type of bias or are they being completely
objective (non-bias).  In other words are they taking the side of the police or victims of crime etc? Conclusion – your assignment should conclude with a short wrap up of your key arguments.Expectations/ Technical RequirementsYour Assignment must be:
• Written (i.e. full sentences not point form) and typed essay • 1500-2000 words (double spaced, Times New Roman font size 12, 1 inch margins) • Contain Academic Sources: a. Linden (course text) AND a minimum 4 External Sources (books, journals ONLY)
NOTE: you also need to cite your news article (this does not count as one of your citations)
• Use Standardized Reference Method a. e.g. MLA, APA, ASA AND cite ALL sources/ideas NOT YOUR OWN
• Elements of your paper will include: clear introduction (with a clear and concise THESIS STATEMENT) and conclusion; clear identification
of the major factors involved in the issue; familiarity with the relevant literature AND theory; clear organization of the material and
arguments; and critical analysis. • Format (required) a. Title Page (name, ID, course, WITH A CATCHY/CREATIVE TITLE!) b. Essay format AND Number pages c. Bibliography/Sources cited page
Please review the grading rubric before submitting your assignment.
Sociological Theories of Crime • Social Disorganization • General Strain Theory • Anomie • Differential Association • Labeling • Techniques of Neutralization • Control Theory/Bond Theory • Radical • Feminist • Peer Influence Theory
Biological Theories of Crime • Genetics • Constitution – body type • Intelligence
Psychological Theories of Crime • Psychopathology
Classical Theories of Crime • Rational Choice Theories • General/Situational Deterrence • Routine Activities Theory


Introduction to Criminology –Written Assignment(s) 2 X 15%
Overview: Over the course of the semester you will be required to complete two written assignments.  Both written assignments will be
assessed using the following rubric.Please Note: While the assignments are each worth 15% of your final grade they will be marked out of 50. Student Name: ___________________________________               Grade _____ /501) Thesis Statement (5 Marks) Assignment has a clear thesis statement – outlines what paper will explore/argue clear position on argument is stated but includes critical analysis of issues
2) Analysis/Discussion [Introduction/body/conclusion] (25 Marks) analyzes evidence presented, integrates ideas, compares/contrasts clearly articulates arguments throughout paper   demonstrates understanding of course material  central themes are well organized and literature discussed/critiqued is relevant to the assignments topic
3) Writing/Technical Requirements (10 Marks) spelling, grammar, syntax, etc. word limit it met (1500-2000 words) double spaced pages, 12 pt font ‘Times New Roman’, 1 inch margins. Title page with unique title is included
4) References (10 Marks) 4 academic sources (TEXT + 3 external) proper paraphrasing/referencing, material is in your own words adheres to specified referencing format (ASA, MLA, APA), is accurate and consistent  ESSAYS THAT CONTAIN NO IN-TEXT CITATIONS WILL RECEIVE A ZERO (0) ON THE ENTIRE ESSAY
Administrative notes: ALL assignment are to be submitted through the Slate dropbox.  In the even that your assignment is late, a 10% per day
deduction will be applied – INCLUDING WEEKENDS.  Late assignments are also be uploaded to the dropbox.  ALL assignments will be filtered
through turn-it-in to assess academic integrity.
Grading/Feedback:  Assignments will be returned electronically through the Slate dropbox.  This rubric will also be attached with a
breakdown of your grade.