The Medication Outline

The purpose of this assignment is to draft and submit a complete, organized, detailed outline of your medication paper in APA format with sources cited and referenced accurately.
Recommended: Before you begin, review the Writing Resources area on your Student Resources tab located on the top menu of your main Blackboard page for examples and review chapters 9, 13, and 14 in A Pocket Style Manual (APA).

Adhere to the following guidelines for drafting and submitting your outline:
• Use standard alphanumeric outline format.
• Include a rough draft of your abstract.
• Include APA in-text citations.
• Include an APA formatted reference page.
• Include a title page.
• Use APA format throughout.
See the rubric for specific grading criteria.

Points: 50
My choice: The medicine selected by me will be ponatinib (Iclusig). The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States, expanded the options for patients with chronic myeloid leukemia and a form of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which carries the Philadelphia chromosome (Ph.D. +). 30-40 percent of patients with CML are resistant to commonly used drugs.
The availability of Ponatinib will improve the outcomes of the majority of patients with CML and Ph + ALL who are resistant or intolerant of previous treatment with tyrosine kinase inhibitor.
Ponatinib is the third-generation drug approved by the FDA for CML and Ph + ALL in the past four months, providing oncologists with a large number of options for treatment.
The idea is to get patients to reach a certain point where they can stop treatment and know that the disease will not come back and that most patients can be called cured

Feedback to Learner 3/11/19 9:28 AM
Your topic is approved Maria. Ponatinib meets the requirements of the assignment; it has been approved for use in the U.S. within the last two years, and its uses thoroughly explained. You just need to explain your purpose for choosing this specific medication in detail in all future assignments associated with your paper. Please be sure to begin searching for articles to support your work. It is a good idea to take a look at the research and articles available on your chosen medication. As these are to be new medications, you should be able to find quality clinical trials and studies available as references. Please use the WCU library search engines, and the following ALLMEDX which replaces the NIH site for references and clinical trials:
Content Points Range: 16 (32.00%) – 20 (40.00%)
The outline includes several high quality, thought provoking ideas/points which are skillfully used to creatively and completely support the thesis. Outline demonstrates a well-balanced approach to researching the topic (subcategories are of equal significance under each body paragraph). Subtopics are specific and avoid generalities. Subtopics demonstrate extensive research and thought on the topic.
Organization/Development Points Range: 16 (32.00%) – 20 (40.00%)
The thesis is concise and clearly articulated in the beginning. Subtopics are pertinent and highly relevant to the main body paragraphs. Detailed, meaningful quotations and paraphrases aptly and accurately support the topic evenly throughout each subtopic.
Outline Format Points Range: 4 (8.00%) – 5 (10.00%)
Outline is complete, covering each aspect of the topic thoroughly; including main ideas and subtopics. Outline format is accurate and follows the directions, including font, style, spacing, and headers.
APA and Mechanics Points Range: 4 (8.00%) – 5 (10.00%)
The assignment follows current APA format consistently and is free from errors in formatting, citation, and references. No grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. All sources are cited and referenced correctly.