The Metamorphosis

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.The Metamorphosis

And here I am… Seeing my beautiful wife,–. Gregor doesn’t have a wife. unable to talk to her, to reach her. How many things I want to express, how terribly need I her kind and supporting word in this mysterious moment. It seems like a nightmare, like the one when you know you are dreaming but you can do nothing to wake up… How can that be possible that I have lost everything I had. Everything that was mine just disappeared. In a night, in only 8 hours, in 480 minutes. Why did not I receive any portent, any single sign that would distantly resemble a portent? Here I am… The most unappreciated man in the whole world. I am alone here; detached from everyone, from every person, every creature. Where should I go… or crawl? I cannot stand it. I want to shout, want to explode and break into millions of pieces, so small that no one could see me, hear me, and spurn. I want to disappear. No, I do not… I want to be close to her, to touch her, to smell her hair, her hands and breast. If only I could, if only I existed. But her? She lives as nothing ever happened, and if I am a waste of space. Oh, God, this indifference and this disgust are crunching me. Yes, that is what she is doing to me, she grinds me with her high heel, with her skinny leg that I adore. I hear me dying. I only wish this death was physical.
Now I know what being different is. It is when you cannot express your real thoughts and emotions to any person. The only thing to do is to cope with everything by yourself. However, that is not the most terrifying thing. Everything that a person has inside is slowly accumulating, making the prolific conditions for a nervous breakdown of even for losing one’s mind. That is how Gregor Samsa feels, he is needed to no one, he is understood by nobody. However, it is obvious that waking up the morning he transformed, he could not realize what have happened, and he did not want to. The scene which depicted it, had numerous elements which pointed out on his condition. For instance, he said “This getting up so early… makes anyone a complete idiot” (Kafka 316). On the one hand, it reveals how blind may a human be towards oneself. Thus, the author used quite suitable satirical elements to perfectly represent it. However, the behavior of the main character does not actually conform with his real thoughts. Probably, she wanted to reject the reality, as a lot of people do when they face with challenges and shocking situations.
I do not think that being different is bad. Despite this fact, not everyone can be as mentally strong to be against most of the crowd. A person needs to have the inner protest for being not as the rest of the world. Moreover, the one who is different is very often alone. Just like in the metaphor that Franz Kafka has created. It can be stated that being different is not bad, but it is hard for a person and requires an ability to be resistant to the outer world’s effects.–> Your feelings about humanity need to be in the voice of the character.
Go back and re-read the story.
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Write an essay response that include:

– Two- three page narrative/ essay on:

– What is the excerpt is about? What is Gould’s thesis? What is he discussing? Use the vocabulary used in the text.

– What is your interpretation/ analysis? What do you think about the concepts he discusses?

2.Accomodation management

The pressures on modern day Accommodation Management are many, with tight markets,
casualisation of the workforce and an ever increasing list of competitors.
This reflective essay will discuss the challenges faced today by the modern accommodation manager.
Your essay should include discussion on:
1. Is outsourcing a viable solution? What departments can utilise outsourcing and what are the
benefits and the drawbacks of moving to an outsourced organisation.
2. What issues have been identified as a contributing influence to the planning and controlling of
Accommodation Management?
3. Why is it important to understand your customer and your customer’s needs in Accommodation
Management? What steps can the Accommodation Manager take to ensure the Hotel is meeting the
customers’ needs and creating a positive experience?