The Monster’s Name Movie Analysis

So you’ve discussed various monsters you’ve encountered in film and television, but books were the inspiration for all of those creatures- perhaps none more this book. During the summer of 1816, a young woman named Mary Shelley was staying at Lake Geneva in Switzerland with her future husband. A vision came to her one moonlit evening and she furiously began to compose the supernatural story of scientist Victor Frankenstein’s quest to create artificial life. Unfortunately, Victor’s expectations of fashioning something beautiful that could keep him company backfired, causing him to reject his “child” in horror. Thus exists the conundrum of having to accept the bad along with the good if you dare to go dabbling in the dark realms of reanimation.
Your Assignment:
The protagonist of your film is a kindly mortician who believes that some of the dearly departed in his village still have something vital to contribute. Mr. Mullins, for instance, was an exceptional gardener. Mrs. Mitchell never met a stray cat that she didn’t welcome into her home with love. Miss Revere, the librarian, baked the very best pies. Mr. Turner had the strength to bend steel with his bare hands. Each of these individuals, however, also harbored dangerous traits that the mortician wasn’t aware of until he stitched them into one personality and gave it life.
Respond to the discussion with a 3 paragraph writeup which includes the following:
A Description of the Result The Monster’s Name What does the monster do on its first day loose in the village.