The most common chronic illnesses


Learning Module 4 (6/18/2019 – 6/24/2019)


Module 4 introduces you to a number of very difficult issues in health care. Most of these issues are not openly discussed because many lay persons consider them morbid. But, as I tell all students who plan a profession as a therapist or counselor, issues related to death and dying, and illness are common reasons people seek mental health services. Therefore, Module 4 will familiarize you to these important issues.Chapter 10 discusses issues related to chronic illness, terminal illness, and the process of dying. Chapter 11 explains the field of psychoneuroimmunology and HIV infection. Chapter 12 discusses the impact of culture on the development and course of cancer.

After completion of this module, the student should be able to:

  1. Discuss and describe the most common chronic illnesses?
  2. Describe the relationship between different sociocultural factors and coping with a chronic illness.
  3. Compare and contrast the biopsychosocial differences in care between hospitals and hospice.
  4. Describe the pros and cons to the body’s way of protecting itself from illness.
  5. Compare and contrast coping with AIDS with coping with stress. And describe which techniques would be more beneficial in this context.

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Chapter 9 discusses the nebulous experience related to pain, chapter 10, chronic illness, and chapter 11, HIV/AIDS. As you have read: fortunately, today, those infected with HIV or diagnosed with AIDS can now manage the conditions as a chronic illness, unlike the previous decades when AIDS was a certain death sentence. After reading the assigned chapters, please view the video located in Module 4 related to HIV/AIDS”. This video contains relevant information related to the disease, as well as share personal experiences with the disease. Please post any personal experiences you have related to HIV/AIDS (personal, family, friends) and/or discuss how the presence of HIV/AIDS in the community has changed your perspective on sexual relationships or any other known HIV/AIDS risk behaviors.

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