The movie My Cousin Vinny (1992)

Watch the movie My Cousin Vinny (1992), which stars Joe Pesci.
After watching this movie, I would like you to analyze a particular legal issue that is highlighted throughout the movie or in a specific courtroom scene. Explain the scene and what legal issue/concept it highlights, relative to what you have learned about the criminal law in FL. When considering all of the criminal law concepts and procedure that you have learned in this course, I would like you to compare and contrast that specific legal issue/legal scene by explaining whether the scene accurately depicts the criminal law, litigation, and criminal procedures that we adhere to in FL or whether the legal concepVscene is demonstrated in a fictional, unrealistic manner.
Some examples of the types of legal issues and rules of criminal procedure that are explored in the movie are: the role of the judge and jury, cross-examination, arraignment, courtroom demeanor, contempt, ineffective assistance of counsel, discovery. and indigence and the role of the public defender. Feel free to use one of these issues or any others that you may notice, in your submission. Be sure to tell me to which scene in the movie you are comparing the legal issue/concept.