The movie (What About Bob, (1991)

Choose one of movie (What About Bob, (1991) Rated PG, Good Will Hunting (1996) Rated R. The Silence of the Lam. (1986) Rated R). Write paper follow the the detail that I provide in details.
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Paper deeds 1) Pick one conversation between hvo characters. Discuss how one of the characters goes through the six stages of listening (hearing. understanding, remembering, interpreting. evaluating. responding). Note any lapses the character has at various stages (for example, did they fail to accurately remember or was their response inappropriate)
2) Give examples from the movie when each of the following styles of listening was used. Be sure to give a detailed explanation of each type of listening in your response.
Informational Listening Critical Listening Empathic Listening 3) Pick the ‘worst” listener from the movie. What advice would you give him or her about how to improve their listening?