The nature of computer aided design systems

Learning Outcomes
• Understand the nature of computer aided design systems
• Demonstrate a capability to manipulate CAD to produce various 2D design drawings
• Outline the advantages of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology in modern construction industry
• Perform advanced skills in 3D CAD to produce complex building information models

Each student has to design a four-bedroom detached house which includes: a sitting room, a dining room, a kitchen, 2/3 toilets/bathrooms, a main bedroom with en-suite, 3 double/single bedrooms and a double garage. The overall floor area should be less than 200m2. The house building has to be masonry structure with insulated cavity external walls, timber-joist first floor and hipped/pitched roof. Each student has to choose proper interior walls, windows and doors, and place appropriate furniture in each room.

The overall model of the house has to be produced in AutoCAD Revit with various 3D/perspective views. The following drawings with proper dimensions have to be produced in the scale of 1:50 and in A3 sheet with filled title panel.

  • All floor plans with scales, room title windows/door number dimensions on drawing sheets
  • 4 elevations with annotation of external finish material and RWPs
  • 2-5 sections with dimensions and levels and annotations of materials
  • 2-5 assembly/part details with annotations of materials and assembly methods

Each student has to write a review report (around 1000 words) on the Revit/BIM application process, advantages, current industrial implementation and so on.

Finally, all of 3D/prospective views, 2D drawings and a review report have to be combined together as an A3 portfolio for online Blackboard submission.

Issues Percentage Mark

  1. Design of the house (layout and appearance) 15
  2. Properly selecting and drawing external walls and internal walls by following the knowledge and technology of building technology 10
  3. Producing floors with proper opening on floors for stairs and lift shaft 10
  4. Producing stair case with various methods 10
  5. Producing various roofs 10
  6. Producing section drawings 10
  7. Producing final drawing with proper dimensions on proper size of drawing sheets 15
  8. Revit & BIM review 20