The new and emerging technologies

Each question must be at least 200 words.

  1. Some healthcare professionals argue that some of the new and emerging technologies could potentially corrupt ethical principles. In contrast, advocates of technology are merely trying to meet increased quality and regulatory requirements by using new technology to help improve processes. Explain your position on health technology, and justify why you would advocate your position.
  2. As an emergency clinician, describe a situation that you would dread or would find to be the most challenging. How do you think you would react if you were faced with that situation tomorrow?
  3. Think of health inequality in the state of Georgia. Why do you believe it exists? Who are the players you think need to be involved to bring about change? If you were one of those players, what would you suggest be done to change the situation, and why?
  4. Do you believe will that Technological Advances in Health Care have the most impact on future healthcare decisions, and why?