The nineteenth-century novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Auste

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1.The nineteenth-century novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Write a a 2000 word research paper based on the The nineteenth-century novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Auste

2.Staffing the HR Department

HR Functions and Their Significance in Adding Value to Badger’s HR Department in Support of the Company’s Vision and Mission
The HR department in any organization has a number of functions to fulfill and add value to the organization by supporting the organization’s vision and mission. Some of these functions at W. S. Badger’s HR department include staffing (recruitment and selection), training and development, and performance appraisal.
i. Staffing
Staffing is one of the HR functions that can add value to Badger’s HR department in support of the company’s vision and mission. Staffing entails job analysis, recruitment, and selection of appropriate candidates to assume certain roles in the company. Through job analysis, the HR department can determine the requisite skills, knowledge and experience of a job candidate, and other qualifications need for certain roles in the company (Ekwoaba et al., 2015). The department can also provide comprehensive information and conditions for specific roles in the company, including achieving organizational goals and objectives. In this process, various activities and measures are used to determine the knowledge, aptitude, skills, and desired traits that are needed for a particular position (Delery & Gupta, 2016). This can add value by ensuring that the department recruits competent people, who can be of value to the entire company.
ii. Training and development
Employee development is another fundamental HR’s role that can add value to an organization. By and large, employee development entails training and development of all members of the workforce of a given firm. Training and development entail practices such as coaching of employees to inculcate vital skills, such as analytical, conflict resolution and management, decision-making, teamwork, and interpersonal communication (Aslam et al., 2014). It puts much emphasis on internal talent management, leadership development as well as employee development plans, which are crucial for overall performance by increasing the level of employee motivation. Through training and development, HR managers provide job orientation by ensuring that newly selected employees understand specific job criteria and help in workforce planning. This is achieved when the HR department puts in place different strategies through which it can link people to the development of workforce as a means of creating performance or productivity improvement (Delery & Gupta, 2016). Accordingly, this can add value to the company since the HR depart can build social capital by helping employees understand the manner in which they can engage with their colleagues and co-ordinate well to achieve set goals and objectives.
iii. Performance appraisal
Badger’s HR department appraises the performance of its employees through making an analysis of the performance standard, job-related tasks, and assignments, human behavior of their employees, job context and all other requisite job requirements. This can add value to the company based on the following two reasons. First, performance appraisal ensures that employees are closely monitored to ensure that they understand their responsibilities and roles. This enables them to dedicate their efforts towards meeting their goals hence making the organization improve. Secondly, performance appraisal through monitoring brings about the feeling of belonging to the organization, enabling employees to harmonize their objectives with those of the company (Özçelik et al., 2016). This further allows employees to develop commitment and loyalty to the company.
Job Description for Staffing Functions
One of the HR functions selected at Badger is staffing.
i. Job Title: Corporate Recruiter
The position of a corporate recruiter is crucial for this company because it determines the kind of employees recruited by the company – whether they are sufficiently competent to help the company achieve its mission and vision.
ii. Qualifications
Appropriate candidate to fill this position must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources or Business and a SHRM certification to meet the selection criteria. The candidate must also have a five-year previous working experience in this role at a reputable company.
iii. Duties and Responsibilities