The nutritional status of an individual.

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In this assignment you should make a detailed nutritional assessment of an individual through the thorough analysis of a diet journal(not just using Super Tracker nutrient analysis Software) and measurements of body composition (e.g. body mass index, waist-hip ratio) AND any other relevant data on your subject you would like to include.

You must identify what the case is about based on the evidence.

You should consider why it should be reported, why a publisher would want to prnt it , and why a reader would want to read it.

You are then required to write a 2000 word report describing and evaluating your findings, as well as proposing strategies to resolve problems/achieve goals.

The core (NOT the bulk) of your report should be a breakdown of your measurements of the individual’s nutritional status. These should be presented as tables and/or graphs and include a comparison to national standards.

In your report you should focus on particular issues within the diet of the individual studied and discuss any associated health benefits and risks.
The report should also integrate understanding of the limitations of the procedures and methods used.

You will use the format of a scientific journal article (i.e. Introduction, methods, results, and discussion) even though this is not the usual format for a case study. By doing so, you will find it easier to demonstrate the skills and abilities that are being assessed by the assignment. You will use the Harvard Referencing Method.