The Pitch Prompt

Make a pitch of your product/service. This product/ service is the solution to a gap you found in your social entrepreneurship research.
You will be presenting your Pitch to the class. The presentation will be in the style of an elevator speech (30 seconds- to 1 minute). Imagine you are in an elevator with the person to whom you are pitching your product. You have only that much time to make your pitch memorable as well as get their business card, so that you can then follow up with your pitch business letter.
Introduce yourself. You will tell that person that you and s/he share similar interests in a current situation. You may refer to your Research Paper topic as proof of this.
Additionally, as part of your pitch, you will write a formal business letter introducing your product/service and why that person should be interested in it and should invite you to talk more about it. It is this letter that you will then follow up with the person you met in the elevator.
Preamble: Introduction of the person you will be speaking to and why: 10point
Confidence of presentation (elevator speech):
Business Letter:
Golden Circle (Simon Sinek) rough draft: