The political ideologies emerging in interwar Germany, Spain, and Japan

Write a short essay of 3 paragraphs for each question,
5) Describe the political ideologies emerging in interwar Germany, Spain, and Japan. What commonalities characterize the. ideologies? Consider the author’s position on ideas of nation, the individual, communism, and race? 5) What is Adolf Hitler’s vision for Germany as expressed in Mein Kampf? How so does it relate to broader ideas of race? 7) How do. the Black Panther Party’s `Ten Point Program.’ relate to the revolutions in China and Cuba? What did the BPP learn from those revolutions? 8) How do. Walt W. Rostow define American inter..? How does this definition of “American interest.” differ from those present. by Henry Kissinger? 8) How so do. the Iranian Revolution depart from or continue the struggle between capitalism and communism in the Cold War? 9) In their analyses of the origins of gender, racial and sexual oppression, what factors are most important according to the Combahee River Collective? 10)What, according to Subcomandante Marcos and contemporary Zapatistas, is the “Fourth World War? What are the opposing sides in this war? 10) What, according to Marcos, are the problems and possibilities generated by globalization?