The Power of W.E.B. Dubois Ideologies in Today′s Society

The Power of W.E.B. Dubois Ideologies in Today′s Society

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Class Paper Assignment
assignment is intended to help you apply sociological theory to important contemporary issues. help you think about how to apply sociological theory, as well as how to use real world applications to assess and amend sociological theory and perhaps create new sociological theory.

Introduction of social issue and sociological theory:
A. Choose a contemporary social issue that you believe is of great significance. Introduce your issue, using academic sources (at least three sources, from academic publishers and peer-reviewed academic journals) to do so.
B. Choose a sociological theory that you believe is particularly apt for explaining this issue. Introduce the theory, as well as the major concepts and arguments in provides.

A. Use the sociological theory to discuss your chosen issue: What kind of a lens does the theory offer on your issue? What does it help us see or understand? What kind of an analysis or critique of the issue does you theory help us to formulate?
B. What kind of ‘solution’ or remedy does your theory offer for your issue?

Assessment and Amending:
A. Is there something important about your issue that your theory does not sufficiently highlight or adequately explain? Discuss.
B. How would you use your issue to make some changes/amendments to the theory so that such dimensions are more visible?

Format and Grading: This paper should be between 9-11 pages, including a bibliography page, and double-spaced, with 12 point New Times Roman Font and one inch margins all around. Citations in the text and the bibliography page must be in ASA format. The paper will be graded as follows:
F-D: You have little to no understanding of your chosen sociological theory and your application and assessment is poor.
C: Your understanding of your sociological theory is fair, but there are problems (of logic, evidence, clarity, etc) with application and assessment.
B: Your understanding of your sociological theory is good, and your application and assessment is rigorous. There may be problems with spelling or grammar. Some minor instructions may not have been followed.
A: You have chosen a clearly important contemporary issue and knowledgeably and correctly applied a chosen sociological theory to this issue. You have followed all instructions completely. Writing is free of spelling and grammar mistakes and is clear and logical.

***Essay will be on the relevance of W.E.B. DuBois? color line theory, double consciousness and the veil in today?s society. Include racism, police brutality, issues of mass incarceration and the New Jim Crowe.