the practices of staffing, training and development, compensation and performance management of MNs




Guidelines Need to be follow
Please read the instructions below. Failure to comply with the instructions will result in a penalty ranging from 5% to 100% of the grade
GoalThe goal of the group project is two-fold: development and collaboration. While the HR strategies are developed internally, the factors that influenced to the decisions in HR functions are derived
from multiple key issues and cutting-edge topics that affect the practices of staffing, training and development, compensation and performance management of MNs. The evaluation and analysis of this
issues will able students to understand the factors behind the decision-making in organization internationally and what are the relevant aspects to be account for in supporting the organizational
decision making in HR practices at international context.
Steps to take
1. Only issues from the following links can be chosen for the report.

2. This report will run into 13 to 15 pages with single spacing, 12 Times New Romans font, and justified paragraphs.3. Starts the report with complete report title, and the link.: 1st paragraph4. Write about what this article is all about in terms of the concepts/ issues being studied: 2nd – 3rd paragraph5. Write about the focus of the issues and why this issue is important to be addressed: 4th – 6th paragraph6. Provide recommendations and implications from your critical perspectives, and how the discussed recommendations and implications can be fitted into United Arab Emirates culture and
environment: 7th – 8th paragraph7. This write-up will require sufficient number of references to support your justifications and judgments. Minimum number of journal article references is five (5).

PenaltyA. Similarity index: There will be a 10% penalty for similarity index of 30% and more. To ensure the similarity index can be generated on-time and kindly submit your assignment much earlier to
generate the similarity index to avoid penalty.