The principle that meanings are in people, not words

1. How has the principle that meanings are in people, not words, created challenges in your life/relationships?

2. How might your use of language change based on the situation you are in and who you are communicating with? Give at least two specific examples.

3. When do you think it is acceptable to use euphemisms and equivocal language? When do you think such language is confusing or unfair?

4. If a friend were preparing for a job interview, what advice would you give about how to appear confident and friendly?

5. Do you tend to be more monochronic or polychronic? What are the pros and cons associated with this method of time use and structure? Support your answer with specific examples.

6. How can you improve the way you assess the nonverbal communication of others, and what can you do to improve your own nonverbal communication?