The Problem: The Case of the Troubling Inquiry

At lunch one day a friend, who is an excellent mid-level scientist in the company in which you work, tells you she wants to talk with you about a problem. She has a suspicion that
she is being paid less that her male colleagues and wants your help. You have just been doing some research and know that the women scientists are in fact being paid less than
the men with comparable experience and comparable education in the field. The hiring practice had been to bring people in at the lowest possible salary. You know that the
research shows that because women tend to be more tentafive about salary, they don’t ask for top dollar. You have just completed a salary survey in your company and know that
women scientists are currently being paid 10% less then men with the same credentials in many cases. Your preliminary work indicates that to bring the women into parity with the
men will cost approximately $37,500 per quarter.
complete each section of this worksheet. Some people find that writing the answers out on another page and then “cutting and pasting” them into the worksheet lets you
think through the problem better.
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1. Reflection for Networking
Write a reflection which discusses whether or not the ethical analysis made sense. In this reflection, also indicate how you have corrected for personal bias, attended to
the common good, and acted with courage.