The Process Analysis Essay

The Process Analysis Essay

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Exercise 3: The Process Analysis Essay


Compose a process “User Manual” for operating a piece of equipment. The following scenario might help you to focus the nature of the task:

You are leaving on reassignment from your department. During your absence, a “temp” will assist in the office until you return. Part of the “temporary’s” assignment will be to operate a piece of equipment essential to the business of your department. However, the instructions explaining how to use it have been misplaced, and your supervisor has asked you to compose a detailed “operations manual” that can be distributed throughout the office. Before you leave, you are asked to demonstrate the procedure to the new office personnel and others who may need to know.


The Essay

Compose a typed user manual explaining how to operate a piece of equipment. Select a piece of office equipment (or other machine of your choice).

Note: Do not simply copy an existing operational manual; this must be your own original composition!


For the organizational plan, follow the guidelines for either the “directional” or “mixed directional/informational” process analysis.

Criteria for Grading

Your essay will be evaluated on the following criteria:

1) Development of the process following an appropriate organizational plan

2) Clarity of the process

3) Demonstrated ability to apply the conventions of standard American written English for effective communication to a user of the equipment.


See the due date posted in the syllabus for timely submission.