The Production of White Masculinity

the Production of White Masculinity

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Read the article by Mary Bucholtz titled “You Da Man: Narrating the Racial Other in the Production of White MasculinityPreview the documentView in a new window” ////// Part 1 (300 – 350 words) Describe Brand One’s linguistic practices in his construction of identity. What words and/or phrases does he use, and how does he use them, to create his sense of self? What ideologies are on display in his speaking style and specificity of terminology? Use at least seven direct examples in your discussion from the article from Brand One, and make sure to give the article’s page number and cite properly. You may use Bucholtz’s numbering system instead; see below. Examples of citing your quotes from the article: If you want to use Brand One’s quote “And then he walked up beside me right?” from page 448, you can use the her notation and parenthetically cite it as (2. 15) to refer specifically to that example on that page. If you want to use the quote “No:thing, pu:nk” from page 449, you can use (4a. 11). ///////// Part 2 (150 words) This trend of cultural appropriation of African American linguistic practices is growing within larger American culture. Are there cultural reasons that can account for why this might be? What does this display about culture and attitudes in general? Can this help in determining that cultural attitudes are arbitrary, and not predetermined by one’s genetic origins?

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3: Case Analysis 2

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1. Jess Westerly attempted to change the sales call patterns of field consultants at Kauflauf GmbH. She wanted them to reduce the time spent with smaller customers by 30% and spend more time with larger customers using leads generated by an inside sales force. Apply the concepts and techniques learned in this course to explain why Westerly’s first attempt to change sales call patterns failed.

2. Jess Westerly has now been given a second chance to change sales call patterns at Kauflauf GmbH. What specifically should Jess Westerly do to ensure that her second attempt to change sales call patterns will succeed? Explain why your recommended actions will produce the desired change.