`The Proposal Startup’

A. Cover page, including your details only.
B. Part-I: 1. Select and decide a ‘Topic’ for your proposal. a. Write in 3 points what difficulties you faced in deciding your topic. 2. Find 5 articles similar to the topic of your proposal. 3. Out of these 5 articles, select any 2 articles that you like the most. 4. Write a summary for each of the 2 articles explaining what you understand from it. a. Write summary of one page of each article you chose.
C. Part-2: 1. Write the topic of your proposal. 2. The aim of your proposal. 3. The objective of your proposal (only 4 points). Outline for Part-1 & Part-2 Students must make sure to work on the following guidelines: • Submit your assignmcnt as hard copics. • The summaries should have a clear structure, with separate section headings where appropriate. • Missing any important points will be taken into consideration while grading. • If you write unnecessary information, you are likely to be including irrelevant information. • Page should be A4, 1 inch at all sides (Normal). Text should be ‘Times Roman’ and font size 12. • Front page should have the name of the topic and student’s details only. • 1 page for student details + 2 pages for Part-I + 1 page for Part-2 (Total 4 pages).
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