The radical views on freedom advocated by Dostoevsky and Sartre

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.The radical views on freedom advocated by Dostoevsky and Sartre

What is your opinion of the radical views on freedom advocated by Dostoevsky and Sartre? Do you think that their emphasis upon absolute freedom of choice is well founded, or do we remain determined
despite their rebellion against necessity? Why do human beings so desperately hold onto the belief that they are free beings? Why are we willing to go so far as spite and self-destruction to prove
this to ourselves? Do you agree that we must insist on our own freedom and act accordingly even though natural science seems to indicate that this belief is absurd? Do we have to uphold our belief
in free will in order to coherently hold onto our belief in personal responsibility and the practice of punishing people for their serious crimes? Give reasons for holding your view.

2.Tax reform

Discuss the most critical aspects of the tax reform being put forth by the President and the Congress. Discuss the chances in our badly divided Congress of the chances of success or failure of any
reform at all. Assuming a tax package is passed relating to the ideas being put forth, what will be the most significant changes? Who will these changes help? Who will they hurt? Do they favor one
group, the rich, the middle class, and the poor over the others? Will these reforms help business, the economy or to raise revenues?

3.Jet Blue Airways Strategy Implementation

Analyze how the company has implemented a corporate strategy or a future policy rollout. Consider strategy development, and the implementation phase.