The reasoning of business decisions.

Explain the logic and reasoning of business decisions.This is a real life decision that involved millions of dollars and the lives of many people—not just those that ended up dying. The above video shows the Challenger disaster. This week you will be asked to make a decision using the information presented. Consider the decision that NASA had to make and what ultimately lead to the disaster and loss of several lives. How did NASA handle this situation? What decision-making method did they use?
This incident and the decisions that led up to the disaster are very well documented. (We’ll give a hint—look for info on the 0 ring.) You need to look for information about the decision-making that took place with the Challenger and write a paper that uses evidence to argue whether the decision to launch was a good decision or a bad decision.
Remember, in hindsight with the loss of life and the damage to the space program, most agree the launch should not have happened. However, you’re looking at the situation from the information the decision makers had in advance of the incident and they were professionals who decided to go fonward. Clearly they thought they were making a good decision. It’s very possible you may argue for launching in your paper and have great evidence.
Prompt For this assignment, you’re the one who has to decide launch or don’t launch. Although
https://www.youtubyou get to make the call, you have to defend your decision to lots of important people. Create your presentation explaining why you are deciding what you’re deciding. The key here is to use evidence of why you are making your decision. Remember, nobody knew the craft would blow up, so if you say don’t launch, you need to explain why the lost money, publicity, and everything else would be worth it. If you argue for launching, explain why the risk is worthwhile.