The relationship between gender and the frequency of online bullying

The relationship between gender and the frequency of online bullying

An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to books, articles, and documents.  Each citation is followed by a brief (usually under 150 words) descriptive and

evaluative paragraph: the annotation. Note that abstracts are the purely descriptive summaries often found at the beginning of scholarly journal articles or in

periodical indexes.  Annotations are descriptive and critical; they expose the author’s point of view, clarity and appropriateness of expression, and authority.

Annotations are not simply copying abstracts. For the purposes of this assignment you will first provide your annotation of the article and then provide the abstract

of the article.
You will submit a bibliography of your topic. Using the Southern Hampshire University Library database (ProQuest or EBSCOHOST) only, find journal articles related to

your chosen topic area. (Your textbook, Wikipedia, or any other Web source will not be accepted for this assignment.) The journal articles have to be from peer-

reviewed, scholarly journals. The articles do not need to be empirical studies but are required to be from primary sources.

•    Write a summary for each of the journal articles found.
•    Write an analysis and evaluation for each of the journal articles found.

Use correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary and utilize APA format to reflect the APA Manual (6th ed.)., which includes the following:

Create your bibliography in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document. The document should adhere to the following guidelines:
•    Use 12-point font, Times New Roman or Courier.
•    Use double line spacing.
•    Use a 1-inch margin on all sides.
•    Include more than four scholarly resources that effectively reflect the depth and breadth of the research.


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