The relationship between the federal government and the states

Discuss the relationship between the federal government and the states as referenced in your lecture materials. Specifically, what do you believe the U.S. Constitution says about the powers given to the federal government vs. those reserved for the states? This relationship is known as “federalism” and it had been at the heart of many controversies and court case. In the case of Texas, this relationship has been very visible on the issues of immigration (southern border & more recently the settlement of Syrian refugees in the state despite security concerns), same-sex marriage, and the legality of “Obamacare”.

Where do you believe the line should be drawn? Has the federal government taken too much power, or power never intended for it by the founders? Or has the federal government done what is necessary despite the protests of conservative states like Texas? Again, use your lecture material as well as at least one additional outside source to support your claims and make sure to cite as instructed previously.