The Rising Online Dating in Chinese Young Market

The Rising Online Dating in Chinese Young Market
Assignment (100%)
Technology advancement has enabled the flourishing of online dating or matchmaking
services industry. For instance, there were more than 1,300 sites in operation by 2009
(Nicola, 2009) while sites such as and are reported to generate
an income worth an estimated £600m a year in the UK alone (Xun, 2014).
Task: To explain and analyse the increasing popularity of online dating among
consumers in a market of your own choice. If the online dating is not popular in the
market of your choice, you can explain and analyse why it is not popular among the
consumers within that market. Marking scheme is in the appendix.
Please pay attention to the followings.
1) For the purpose of this assignment, online dating is defined as the practice of searching
for a romantic or sexual partner on the Internet, typically via a dedicated website
(Oxford Dictionaries, 2015)
2) Your explanation and analysis must be based on three lecture topics from this module.
Here is the list of suitable topics that you can choose the three topics from:
?? Motivation
?? Perception
?? Attitude
?? Identity
?? Reference group
?? Culture and consumer behaviour
?? Ethnicity and social class
This assignment is pending for the external examiner’s approval. Your module leader
will keep you posted if any changes are to be made due to the external examiner’s
Assignments should be a maximum of 3000 words in length.
All course work assignments that contribute to the assessment of a module are
subject to a word limit, as specified in the module handbook for that module. Unless
stated specifically otherwise in the relevant module handbook EVERYTHING except
the title, bibliography and any appendices is included in the word count. A detailed
explanation of word limit rules can be found at the following link
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Appendix: LUBS5402 Consumer Behaviour Assignment Marking Scheme
A: Criteria relating to the assignment (85%):
Category / Grade
Criterion 1
Acquisition of knowledge
Criterion 2
Interpretation and analysis
Criterion 3
Construction of argument
Criterion 4
Criterion 5 Documentation &
presentation Sum
Weight 20% 20% 20% 20% 5% 85%
Displays thorough understanding
of the subject by overwhelming,
rich, balanced, up-to-date
Exhibits critical, independent and
insightful explanation and
Exhibits such characteristics as:
independence, cogency, nuance,
subtlety, sophistication, and
powerful grasp on methodology.
Keeps an unusually clear and
well-structured focus, and shows
an excellent grasp of key issues
and of their importance
Documentation and
presentation are displayed in
a professionalmanner.
Provides substantial information,
displays a solid knowledge of
mainstream material.
Has a clear understanding of the
material and its significance.
Argues in an assured and orderly
way, with clear development.
Shows some understanding of
Materials adopted shows clear
relevance to the argument and
Displays a thorough grasp of
appropriate principles of
documentation and
Provides a reasonable quantity of
accurate information.
Has a competent (if dependent or
incomplete) understanding of the
material and its significance.
Presents the general outline of an
appropriate argument.
Displays a sound general sense
of relevance though sometimes
wavering and unreflective.
Displays a general grasp of
appropriate principles of
documentation and
Provides a limited quantity of
information with some accuracy.
Has some limited understanding
of the material and its
Presents some elements of an
appropriate argument.
Displays some limited sense of
Displays some limited care
and competence in
documentation and
Is incompetent in quantity or
Has no real sense of what the
material means.
Presents inappropriate
Displays no adequate sense of
Displays an inadequate
grasp of appropriate
principles of documentation
and presentation.
Shows little and/or no
understanding of the subject
Shows little and/or no capacity of
interpretation and analysis
Shows little and/or no evidence of
Shows little and/or no relevance
to the subject discussed
Not up to basic academic
Fail 0
Mark Awarded
B: Demonstration of Master Level Competence (15%)
Weight Mark Awarded The assignment has demonstrated a selection of the following:
3% The ability to give solution to complex problems
3% Originality in generating knowledge and interpreting information
3% The ability to make informed judgments in the absence of complete data
3% Clear communication to both specialist and non-specialist audience
Address the assignment’s learning outcome
Final mark (A+B)