The Role of Slavery & the U.S. Constitution

write a 4 – 6 page position paper regarding the status of slavery in Early American History and the impact of race, labor, and compromise concerning the formation and foundation of the U.S. government.: a. Do you think the framers of the Constitution could have limited or banned slavery? Why or why not? b. Why was slavery so important to those in the North and South? And did the economic value offered by slave labor ultimately overrule the immorality of human bondage from a federal and state level? c. Does the fear of a Civil War, disrupting a newly formed nation, offer a reprieve to the Founding Fathers, who fought to hold the nation together despite the immense moral costs? d. Can it be argued that an early approach to slavery in the United States and its protection under the U.S. Constitution, eventually create a federally protected system of tolerance to racism, discrimination, and segregation?