the sale of e cigarette in pharmacies in the UK

the sale of e cigarette in pharmacies in the UK
1. Scenario: Sale of E-cigarettes from pharmacies in the United Kingdom
Since their initial introduction in 2003 sales of E-cigarettes have grown steadily year on year. In 2013 the MHRA announced its intention to licence e-cigarettes as medicinal products although proposed European legislation will not require this. In May 2014 a Public Health England report discussed the benefits and potential concerns regarding the use of e-cigarettes.
The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) and the General Pharmaceutical Council(GPHC) have made their position clear regarding the sale of e-cigarettes from pharmacy. Despite these position statements and negative articles in the press regarding e-cigarette safety, some pharmacy chains and independents are selling e- cigarettes and the use of NHS stop smoking services have declined significantly over the past 2 years.
Consider the issues relating to these products that would enable you to decide whether e-cigarettes have a place smoking cessation and what factors would influence any decision to stock them in your pharmacy or not.
In your own words, briefly introduce the topic and summarise the fact/s relevant to the problems encompassed in the situation outlined. Then identify the key issues that you believe are relevant to the situation under the headings legal issues, relevant professional standard, group /person affected, other factors to be considered. This will require you to demonstrate your ability to research the topic and to identify and prioritise the relevant factors to be taken into consideration.
Referring to relevant legislation, the professional standards and guidance issued by the GPhC and the RPS, and taking account of any other relevant factors, determine what issues you need to take into account when being considering this situation and the information you have learnt; determine the key elements and complete