The scarlet letter (stage adaption by James f. Demaiolo

The scarlet letter (stage adaption by James f. Demaiolo

?    Write an essay on any ONE of the following topic in about 900-1000 words (double spaced).

A.    The Playwright in The Scarlet Letter makes extensive use ofsymbols which play a significant role in the play. Identify and explain some of the important symbols and show what these symbols represent and how they portray the ‘conflicts’ and complexities of the play.


B.    Hester Prynneis excluded by the puritanical community for her adultery. How does the nature of the letter ‘A’ on her bosom seems to change as the story proceeds? Trace Hester’s journey over the course of her life to show how she grows and evolves to achieve wisdom, self-knowledge and peace.

***Essay Grading
– Sentence structure, word choice, logical connections.
– Proof read and edit.
– Having one or two key ideas that you develop in the essay. Or, using 3-5 smaller points that lead towards one key idea.
2. Relevance (concept and ideas):
– Address the specific question/topic
– Demonstrate an understanding of key ideas associated with the course
– Use, apply, or assess relevant course ideas
3. Insight:
– “Value added”
– Conclusion and synthesis
– What kinds of connections/relationships among the key ideas you are able to draw.

4. The text of your assignment must be double spaced using 12 point font. It must be printed on one side of the page and must be submitted in printed hardcopy.

5.  Assignments cannot be sent via email. Please do not submit your assignments with covers or folders. Just prepare a title page and staple the pages together. Be sure to number the pages of your assignment.

6.Essay to be formatted in MLA Style.