The Schooling of Latino Children







Definition. To “perpetuate” is to “cause (something that should be stopped such as a mistaken idea or a bad situation) to continue” (
Exercise Introduction. This exercise is associated with Reading 34, “The Schooling of Latino Children” by Luis C. Moll and Richard Ruiz. In Note 6 on page 339, the authors write,
“There are several important issues that we do not discuss for lack of space, such as • differential school financial resources by social class, • school segregation, • tracking, • disproportionate
special-education referrals, • bias in high-stakes testing, • violence, • harassment by immigration officials. All of these issues form part of the daily reality of the schooling of Latino
children. (Ferguson, p. 339).
Activity. Pick one of the issues identified in the bullet list above and write a two-page paper explaining how the issue contributes to perpetuation of inequality in America’s education
institutions. You may select any racial group to research.