The Secret of the Wild Child: Story of Genie

After watching the video “The Secret of the Wild Child: Story of Genie,” (provided in this weeks folder) you will compose a persuasive essay addressing all of the following points:
• Do you believe Genie’s problems were MORE the result of “nature” (heredity) or MORE the result of “nurture” (environment)? Although it is evident that it is probably some of each, I want you to take a stand and support one side or the other. Please provide specific examples from the video and evidence from the video or other course resources like the textbook to support one position or another. Evidence, in this instance, meaning theorists whose research or theories supports your thesis.
• Address the research method and the ethics of the researchers who studied Genie. Link this response to relevant information in Chapter 1.
• Link your essay to the concepts from the first 3 chapters in the text – particularly chapter 3.