The setting, context, and circumstances of Ancient Greek theater

Answer the following questions based on what you have learned from this week’s readings. If you have a question, add your question to your answer. Answers should be 1-2 paragraphs each (about 100-200 words each). Don’t paste text from the web – cite your sources properly including the readings and any outside sources you find on the web:
1) What have you learned about the setting, context, and circumstances of Ancient Greek theater and especially the setting that Antigone would have first been performed in? What would the theater look like? Where was the theater? Who attended and why? Who were the playwrights and who were the performers? Describe the space (feel free to paste an image that you find on the web – just be sure to cite source!) -What were the different areas called? How are these historical circumstances different from modern theater?
2) What events in our contemporary society are like what you have read about in Ancient Greek theater? What events would be different? How and why? Use specific examples in your answer. What similarities or differences do you see between your culture and that of the ancient Greeks?
3) What role did the gods play in Antigone? Are there any gods in the cast? How can you tell from the play Antigone that the gods were important to the Ancient Greek audience (or not important?). Explain.
4) Do you think the adaptation of Antigone in Ferguson “works”? Do you think it’s a relevant story in today’s world? What did the creators of Antigone in Ferguson do to make the play relevant (and did it work?)?
5) You’ve now learned about one adaptation of Antigone. How would YOU adapt Antigone?