The standpoint of written Standard English.

  1. The following sentence contains ONE error from the standpoint of written Standard English.
    Identify and describe the error. Then correct the error so that the sentence conforms to the rules
    of the written Standard English. [3 points in total; 1 point identifying the error; 1point
    explanation; 1point correction of the error]
    This year, our stocks performed good during the third quarter.

  1. Consider the following sentence: [3 points]
    *The awake child is crying.
    Use appropriate grammatical terms to briefly explain why this sentence is ungrammatical.

Assignment#3-LINB18-Summer 2019
Due: Sunday, July 14, 2019
in the space provided on these sheets. Do not attach additional pages. Late assignments are NOT
accepted. This assignment consists of three pages.

  1. Consider the sentence: [3 points]
    I feel badly about telling the secret.
    Why is the word ‘badly’ considered to be acceptable for casual speech and informal contexts
    but should be avoided in (formal) writing? Make use of grammatical terms that you have
    learned in this course so far to answer this question.

  1. State whether each italicized word in the following sentence is a preposition, an adverb or a
    verb particle. Justify your answer. [9 points; 3 points each]
    She was in good shape; apparently, she fed on rabbits during her trip back.

Assignment#3-LINB18-Summer 2019
Due: Sunday, July 14, 2019

  1. Explain why the following sentence can have two different meanings. First give the two
    meanings. Then using the same terminology introduced in the weekly video (Prepositions and
    Verb Particles) explain the source of ambiguity. [4 points; 2 points for giving the two meanings;
    two points for explaining why the sentence is ambiguous]
    Andrew called the girl from Japan.
    HINT: Check the practice exercises on Prepositions and Verb Particles!

  1. Identify the prepositional phrase in the following sentences. Tell whether its function is
    adjectival or adverbial. Explain your choice. [6 points]
    a. The car disappeared over the hill.
    b. The passengers at the back could not hear the instructions.