The Symposium

1. The Symposium is a depicted dialogue between a number of male participants on the theme of eros or love. First as per the books introduction, what is the definition of “eros” and how is it different from “philia”?

2. The structure of the Symposium consists of two groups of three speeches on eros. The first speeches are given by Phaedrus, Pausanias and Eryximachus, and the second by Aristophanes, Agathon, and Socrates. Give a 4-5 sentence summary of each speaker’s explanation of the nature of eros.
In particular think about:
1. How they characterize eros as a force of desire or attraction
2. What is the context of this attraction (public, private, collective, individual, human or nonhuman?)
3. What is the specific object that is desired by erotic longing?