The theoretical framework to draw a Balance Scorecard


Assignment Description
Students will work in groups of three to four students. The group will have to choose an organization (local or multinational) that you are familiar with and ideally you will be able to visit. You should have an interview with someone from the Accounting Department in the company to find out the various aspects of business relevant to Balance Scorecard.
Use the information that you have collected in order to apply the theoretical framework to draw a Balance Scorecard. Use arrows to show the causal links between the performance measures and show whether the performance measures should increase or decrease over time.
Create a 20 minute PowerPoint presentation outlining your topic and presenting your findings with reference to the four key perspectives: learning & growth, internal business process, customer and financial. Each student should present approximately 5 minutes. The oral presentation accounts for 10% of the final grade.
A hard copy of the PowerPoint presentation should be submitted on the same day.