The University

The University

The post has three asighnments

1: why you decided to apply to the University of Wisconsin-Madison? Give all the reasons for the Choice

2:Write a 4-page my on the following questions:

1 . As the charismatic renewal continues forward, what are some of the risks that might
be associated with:

a) Doctr’nw that may over-emphasize the prominence of the Holy Spiit in the lives of


b) Teachings that emphasize that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are of equal importance to
doctrines such as justifimtion, sanctification, and redemption?

2. What coud be done to ensure that the cause of Christianity is not damaged through
the Charismatic Renewal? Dr. Mliams is suggesting that by concentrating solely on
Christ, the spiritual vitality of Christians could be dininished. Instead, he suggested
that believers should (at least in part) turn their attention toward the Holy Spirit-

3:Clinical Informatics: What Role does it Play in Quality, Safety, and Population Health