The use of social media applications such as Facebook

The use of social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, among others, has steadily risen throughout the years. Such applications have been used to do politics and business, and to interact socially in the online environment. It is no surprise, then, that there have been consequences to such use. One such theory on a consequence was discussed in this article on the effect of social media on democracy: (

1. Synthesise the points made in the article and present the business ethics problem that the article is communicating. In particular, identify the stakeholders and the interests being affected here. Further, discuss also the ethical dilemmas of the businesses involved which you have discerned from the problem presented.

2. If you were a member of the corporate board of one of the social media giants, how would the assessment of the thesis of the article change from your perspective? After laying out this case, what would be your proposal to address the problems that you see with respect to the practices of your company?