The value chain and resource analysis of Kellogg’s

VALUE CHAIN and RESOURCE ANALYSIS My company is Kellogg’s
(a) Complete a VALUE CHAIN ANALYSISfor your company, identifying each of the major primary andsupport activities applicable to your firm in providing their products and services to their customers. This analysis should answer the question: Where is the major value-added by the company and what is most important for its success.

(b) EVALUATE how well your company performs each of these major activities compared to their competition; and identify any that present an Opportunity for Improvement or represent a Strategic Advantagethat could be exploited.

(c) Identify the RESOURCESthat your company has (tangible-financial, physical, technological; intangible-human, innovation and creativity, and reputation; and organizational capabilitiesthat could be the basis of a competitive advantage.


• Organizational Capabilities- Company’s skills at coordinating its resources and putting them to productive use. What does the company do well?

Examples of organizational capabilities are outstanding customer service, superior product development capabilities. Examples of tangible assets might include a strong balance sheet with lots of cash, a number of valuable locations, etc. Which resources might be as source of competitive advantage?
(d) Based on this analysis, what are the company isSTRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES?