The “Why Man Creates” introductory essay


This essay is designed as an opportunity for you to introduce your thoughts on why human beings create. So be creative. There is a power point that may give you some ideas about creativity in the
content area. You should look at this essay also as an opportunity to show what you know about the aspects of good writing that you learned in 1101 and/or 1102: formulating a properly narrowed
and focused thesis statement and developing that idea in an organized way with specific examples in careful and correct Standard English. Note that an acceptable essay has at least four
paragraphs: an introduction, a conclusion, and at least two (more commonly 3-5) development paragraphs. Note also that a specific example is usually not a list of names or items or categories
(as, for example, art, music, dance) but a particular example that is commented upon in some pertinent detail (as, for example, Le Sacre du Printemps by Igor Stravinsky that caused a famous riot at
the premiere of the ballet for which it was written and which, if this were an essay, I might discuss in a little detail to illustrate how artists reach for new forms of expression).
By August 29, submit to the appropriate drop box a correct and complete essay of about 500-700 words on the topic of “Why Man Creates.” You may utilize sources if you wish, but it is not required.
If you do use sources, they must be presented and referenced in correct MLA documentation form. Whether you use secondary sources or not, make sure your essay is characterized by all the
qualities of good writing that you learned in 1101, the pre-requisite of this course: a narrowed and focused main idea, good organization, specific content, and correct use of Standard English
consistent with college work. Late essays will suffer a point penalty, will not be commented on, may not be read, and may be averaged as zeroes at the end of the semester as stipulated in the
syllabus. There will be no revision of this essay. We will probably not have time to extend any deadlines. This is a Gordon Rule* assignment, so use everything you have learned in 1101 (and
possibly 1102) about how to write a good essay.

*The Gordon Rule is a Florida law passed in the early 1980’s that requires grades in some general studies courses to be based mainly on a student’s writing proficiency. HUM 1020 is a Gordon Rule
course, as are all academic humanities and English courses.