The Wizard of Oz

write paper based on the film, The Wizard of OZ (1939) and use genre-related aspects of is as a MUSICAL FILM. Use aspects of a musical to analytically write the outline using iconography, conventions, settings, stories and themes, characters and actors and stars, and audiences. Documents will also be uploaded to help to include outline and handout but ONLY use Langford’s book (attached) and the film as references. You will need NO additional scholarly sources for this paper other than the attached: these along with your own interpretive eye is sufficient. Please use only the following as references: (1) Film Genre: Hollywood and Beyond, Barry Langford (Edinburgh U Press, 2005) (2) The Wizard of Oz (1939) Develop the paper to follow the outline and that will gather together observations and analysis into a coherent interpretation that will help understand this film in a new way through the lens of genre.